Bordeaux Virtual Wine Tasting

Bordeaux Virtual Wine Tasting

We held our second formal Virtual Wine Tasting last night – this time the theme was Bordeaux and we selected two wines from Tuilerie du Puy in Entre-Deux-Mers.

With 13 screens and 24 people taking part, we enjoy tasting 2 reds. Firstly Tuilerie du Puy Tradition Bordeaux Superior 2015, followed by Le Vigneron Inconnu 2014.

The idea of these tastings is to have an informative session, in a relaxed social environment, and hopefully everyone would agree we just about managed to achieve that.

With the addition of canape of the week – congratulations to Simon George for his inspired choice of froglegs! (not sure how well it went with the wines, but for comic value it was first class!)

For next week, we are introducing a new competition, best Zoom background, following Haas Williamson’s inspired vineyard background.

Back to the wines – that pretty much split the room, with the £13.50 TDP 2015 scoring an average of 7.97 out of 10, whilst the £20.50 Inconnu, snuck it with an average score of 8.12 out of 10.

We look forward to heading to Costieres de Nimes next week for wines from Michel Gassier.

To see the full slide notes from this tasting – please click on this link.