Joseph Drouhin Virtual Burgundy Tasting

Joseph Drouhin Virtual Burgundy Tasting

Into week 5 of the Virtual Tastings and this week it was the turn of Burgundy – and tasting a couple of wines from the iconic Joseph Drouhin.

Two wines from the Laforet range and the two signature grape varieties from the region – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Joseph Drouhin – Laforêt Chardonnay 2017

Joseph Drouhin – Laforêt Pinot Noir 2017 @ £18.95

With the Chardonnay in hand, we started with the canape of the week nominations (many of which you can see below). We had many interesting offerings this week – with Tom Chatfield being particularly pleased with his humus and chips effort. We had a couple of authentic canape examples from Burgundy – home made ‘Gougeres’ made by Jeremy Waud and also Janine Sjoblom. The spoils this week went to Jules Hoadley with her fabulous selection of treats.

Sophie then took us through her presentation (that you can see in the link below) positioning the region of Burgundy and some background on Joseph Drouhin.

The feedback on the Chardonnay was very complementary indeed – with it being a hit for everyone. This was most surprising for the people that claimed that they would never touch chardonnay! So we are pleased that we have opened everyone’s eyes to the beauty of this classic grape.

The red wine was more hit and miss, with the majority of it being a miss. This is the challenge with Burgundy – the price point at £18.95 makes it a difficult wine to get on board with, unless you are an avid Burgundy lover.

Congratulations to the Chardonnay taking wine of the week – with an average score of 7.83, that beat the Pinot Noir with an average score of 6.81.

Click here to view the presentation for the evening.

We look forward to travelling to Spain next week to enjoy the white wine from Muga in Rioja, then the Sotorrondero from Jimenez Landi in Mentrida.