Special Virtual Wine Tasting – Nit de Nin 2015

Special Virtual Wine Tasting – Nit de Nin 2015

Another very enjoyable virtual wine tasting – this time with Waud Wine Club members.

We visited Nin Ortiz on our TDV to Spain in 2015 – and the visit to Nin Ortiz in Priorat was one of the most memorable in Tour du Vin history.

The fascinating couple of Carles and Ester Nin have a cult range of wines that are heralded by wine lovers and wine critics alike.

With 14 screens on the call, and just one wine for the tasting, Nit de Nin Mas d’En Caçador 2015, once we had the presentation, there was much debate to be had. It received the highest average score from all the wines we have tasted during this Covid period – with 8.79 out of 10.

We look forward to listing more of their special wines shortly.

Click here to see the slide deck, that includes some fantastic photos from the estate in Priorat.