La Rioja Alta 904 2011 – Virtual Masterclass Tasting

La Rioja Alta 904 2011 – Virtual Masterclass Tasting

Last night we had a superb virtual wine tasting masterclass with the fantastic La Rioja Alta 904 2011.

With 11 screens dialing in for the tasting, we were pleased to be joined by the very charming and knowledgeable Francisco Corpas, who is the Export Manager at La Rioja Alta.

After the welcome, Francisco took us for a virtual, whistle stop tour around the winery. La Rioja Alta is one of the few wineries that make their own barrels, so first stop was to visit the cooperage. Then a trip to the rather impressive barrel hall, then the cellars, then back to the shop that many of us had visited in real life in 2019 when on Tour du Vin.

Unsurprisingly, the wine received rave reviews and we had an average score across the group of 9.25 out of 10, which we believe is the highest average score yet.

Many thanks to all that took part – we had a lovely mix of seasoned virtual wine tasters, with some new faces to join in with the fun.

Thank you again to Francisco for putting on a marvelous show – and we cannot wait to return to Rioja when restrictions allow it – hopefully not in the too distant future.

If you are interested in buying the wine – we are currently restocking, but take a look at this link for more information in the meantime.