NZ Sauvignon Blanc on our list at last!

These days we are so used to bulk shipped, UK bottled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that we have forgotten what the excellent pioneering New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’s used to taste like. Although they had first landed on our shores in 1986, we didn’t embrace them as a cult wine until the late 90’s. It was a radical departure from all the big Aussie Chardonnays which had flooded the market in the previous decade and the UK wine drinking population couldn’t get enough. Its herbaceous nose and austere palate, dry and refreshing, had us salivating over its vigour and freshness. The tropical fruit filled palate and incredibly complex mineral length rounded off this enfant terrible of the wine industry.

NZ_SAUV_BLANCThe phenomenon of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc started back in the 80’s when in 1984 David Hohnen; New Zealand wine pioneer, took out an extraordinarily risky bank loan at 23% in one of the least stable economic climates of the era, and despite there being no commercial Sauvignon Blanc producers in Marlborough at the time, he bought a plot of land which had previously only seen sheep as inhabitants and planted Sauvignon Blanc. In 1985 when he harvested his first fruit, he still didn’t have a winery and so his fruit had to be shipped 400 miles to Gisborne and found itself in the hands of Kevin Judd, a renowned winemaker and due to distances, the wine was essentially made over the phone.

Thirty years on with a lot more experience handling the world’s most famous grape variety, Kevin Judd now produces his own label of premium Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, the acclaimed Greywacke. Known and loved by wine drinkers, revered by winemakers, Greywacke is still one of the best ambassador’s for how this cult wine style should taste. Always bottled on site, never bulk shipped and diligently made with the highest regard for the wines humble beginnings, Greywacke is the Sauvignon drinkers Sauvignon, and still remains accessible to the most discerning New Zealand devotee.

Greywacke Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

This notorious wine’s aromatic nose is understated yet generous with fresh herbs and stone fruit. The palate is replete with complex tropical fruit and minerality, granite and graphite meet passion fruit and ripe mango to provide a dry and refreshing mouthfeel with a hint of white flowers. It enjoys a stunning structure and a long, impressive finish which stays with you long after the last mouthful.

£15.39 per bottle/ £92.34 per case of 6 plus delivery.

*This wine has been priced matched with Majestic Wine and The Wine Society.

Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

This classic Sauvignon Blanc from the proprietal vineyards of the old Crawford family estate is a fantastic example of a stylish and superior quality New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Created with fruit from the Crawford estate, one of the pioneer families of the 1980’s New Zealand wine revolution, this is a wine for the fruit lovers.

Still showing great expression of the roots of Marlborough, with typical fresh minerality and bouquets of white flowers, the fruit is considerably more pronounced. A soft, tropical fruit nose doesn’t over power your senses, instead it hints at what lies on the palate. Spoonful’s of mango and passion fruit blend with softer melon and a vibrant pineapple, a veritable feast of ripe fruits and hints of single cream. The finish is well structured and rounded leaving you’re a delicious and moreish weight on the length.

£11.95 a bottle/ £71.70 per case of 6 plus delivery

The best of both case

It’s so hard to decide which wine to choose so why not take 3 bottles of each and explore these classic styles and iconic wines for yourself.

3 bottles of Greywacke and 3 bottles of Kim Crawford

£82.02 per case plus delivery

These wines have come to us on a specific and limited allocation. We will be notifying our supplier on Wednesday and ordering our allocation based on orders from the membership. If you would like to enjoy these wines, please let us know by 10am Wednesday 1st July and we will purchase our allocation. The wines will then be shipped to you at the earliest available opportunity, please expect delivery and invoicing of the wines in mid-July.

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