En Primeur Wines

En Primeur Wines

What is En Primeur?

This can also be known as Wine Futures. En Primeur is when you buy wines before they are bottled at the winery and are released onto the market. These wine prices are without Duty and VAT.

How does En Primeur work?

En Primeur wines are purchased before bottling and are released onto the market whilst they are still at the vineyard. Wines that are bought En Primeur are sold at ‘In Bond’ prices – which means that they are exclusive of Duty & Vat.

When the wines are ready, they are transported to the UK to our bonded warehouse at Vinotheque in Burton on Trent. They will remain under bond until you are ready to have them delivered. Only at the point of delivery, will duty and VAT be payable.

Why buy “En Primeur”?

The opening En Primeur price of fine wines is usually considerably less expensive than the future price of the wine on the open market. En Primeur can sometimes be the only way to buy wines that are very popular and have limited allocations.

What exactly do I pay?

As mentioned above, the En Primeur price of the wine is exclusive of Duty and VAT (but it does actually include shipping and insurance). When the wines arrive into the UK and are delivered into our bond, Duty and VAT can be then be deferred further if you want to keep the wine in temperature controlled conditions. This is highly recommended if you plan to re-sell your wines in the future, as many buyers will need to be convinced of the wines provenance.

How much is Wine Duty?

£2.08 per 75cl bottle of still wine. (ex-vat)
£2.77 per 75cl bottle of sparkling wine. (ex-vat)
£2.89 per 75cl bottle of Port wine. (ex-vat)

UK VAT = 20%  (applied after duty)

Rates are subject to change by the government at any time.

Are En Primeur wines insured?

Waud Wines will remain responsible for insuring your wine at the original invoice value until your wines are delivered.