Corporate Wine Tasting – Equanimity

Corporate Wine Tasting – Equanimity

Last night we held our first ever wine tasting for client Equanimity, who are London based Independent Financial Advisers.

The theme was Old World versus New World and we were back at Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen in the West End. Their private downstairs bar – Hidden Heddon worked perfectly for their 50 guests, as we worked our way through 7 different wines with selected canapés.

After magnums of Mas de Daumas Gassac Rose Frizzant, we moved onto Brunel de la Gardine Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2018, followed by the new release Vondeling Babiana 2017 from South Africa. Moving onto the reds, we opened the last case of Clos Pons Alges 2012 (we are now on 2013), followed by the ‘Mystery Wine’. This week it was more of a challenge and no one in the room (unsurprisingly) picked from the multiple choice options: New World, Chile, San Antonio Valley, Syrah and 2013! This wine from the Matetic vineyard was served from impressive decanters and went down a treat. The last wine of the night was from San Marzano in Puglia, Anniversario 62 2014, which again went down very well with the guests.

A very enjoyable evening in fine company.

Click here to view the tasting sheet from the evening.



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