The Waud Wine Club is the result of many jovial social gatherings and an increasing fascination of wine within the Waud family and its extended network of friends.

‘Why don’t you start this as a business – we would buy from you. We love your wines and your tastings’ – so we did!

The club was based on a hard core of wine lovers of varying vinous knowledge – but all adequately possessing the thirst and hunger for exciting wines. Our members now have access to interesting parcels of wine that they would not ordinarily have access to.

Many of our growers produce fantastic wines in small quantities and will never get them to Waitrose, Majestic or the Sunday Times Wines Club (even if they wanted to….)

The Club is intended to be both fun and somewhat exclusive. All Members pay a monthly standing order of £30 + VAT into their wine account – and this allows them accumulated credit for taster cases that will be delivered three times a year.

There are Members’ special wine offers, invitations to four Members tasting evenings per year, and invites on occasional wine tours, trips and tastings when organised.

Quite apart from the fun and great wines to be enjoyed in our exclusive club – our members are very welcome at our social gatherings and tastings where they will always know many of the club members – yes it actually is both a club and a route to buying great fun excellent value wines!